Who was Emily?

Emily Michael was an angel here on Earth to everyone who knew her.  She faced every adversity with poise, grace, positive energy and a smile on her face.  Emily made a difference in the world around her just by being here, and by being her.

Emily lived with heart disease and perceived herself the same as everyone else–from her view she simply needed to run slower and take more breaks.  She was a very loving child.  While she was recovering from a heart procedure at Children’s Hospital, she wanted to give other children stuffed animals.  With her heart monitor and IV in tow she visited each occupied room in her area and picked a Beanie for each patient she visited.  It brought smiles to the hospital children, the staff and the doctors.  She brought smiles to so many children and it was so very welcomed.  Emily visited a particularly ill baby – she called him Baby Clifton.  When she visited him he returned a tremendous smile and followed her every step.  Clifton’s mom told Emily that she must be an angel, as Clifton didn’t smile for many.  Turns out they are angels together.

A simply act of kindness can mean a world of difference to so many.  One of Emily’s most prized possessions were school program acknowledgments awarded to her for her act of being kind or helpful.  Emily’s Hope will carry on these kind and helpful acts that improve life for children and provide the means to bring those in need support and hope.

Emily’s Hope is dedicated to the memory of Emily Michael, and to fulfilling her promise and potential.  It is committed to making the lives of children better in small ways and large ways.

Emily’s video tribute!



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