Samalani Project

Samalani Project

samalani kids winter and samsonSamalani is truly a community based organization.  People in the community saw a need to establish it in 2005, and the people in the community decide what actions will serve their own community and children.  At the school, children are taught reading, writing, and mathematics skills.  The meal that is fed to all of the students is often the only meal they receive all day.  Children at Samalani are happy and smiling, despite their circumstances.  They know that people truly care about them, and are grateful each and every day.

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When we met in 2010, their school building was in danger of collapse, and they asked us to help them rebuild it.  Their old school building consisted of two classrooms, with each holding around 100 students during reading, writing, and mathematics instruction.  Thanks to the help of Emily’s Hope, they were able to build a much more structurally sound three classroom building.  The addition of one school building allowed 150 addition children to attend the school daily.

Samalani’s eventual goal is to be self-sufficient and independently support both their primary program and their job skills training program for middle and high school students who cannot afford to attend school.  More information is available at the Community Opportunity website.

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